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For those who need to increase focus, those who want to be more productive, and those who suffer from forms of anxiety - it’s time to go Creative.

This formula is ideal for those who cannot take THC products in the day yet still require something that helps them increase productivity in the workplace. With our delicately prepared CBD: Delta 8 (20:1) ratio, users will not experience any intoxicating effects yet will still benefit from treating anxiety.


It’s time to focus and break through.

CBD has been known to help get rid of many psychological disorders. In addition, with its improved cognitive function abilities, it helps to stimulate the brain to some extent. Using Creativity will allow you to open your mind, become more creative, and pay attention to otherwise missed details.

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With Creativity, you’ll be able to remove psychological barriers to creativity and enhance brain function. You’ll also experience relief from chronic pain and inflammation. Your mind will be more resilient to minor problems and obstacles and allow more room for creative thinking. It will also improve your appetite, which is critical to your physical and mental acuity.

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Here’s what some of our users had to say

Oliver Brown

Any artist will tell you that finding continued inspiration is the hardest part of the gig. As an engraver, this is something I really struggle with. And then I tried SuperDuper. Oh wow. my body woke up and let me relax like NEVER before. I may be new to vaping, but I find myself having a delicious, relaxing, focused, yet balanced vaping experience every time. The company knows its science, and the resulting quality says it all.

Patricia Smith

I chose to be a freelancer because I cannot thrive in a restrictive working environment. I find myself getting really anxious as the deadline looms, and so on the recommendation from a fellow creative, I tried SuperDuper. This product truly allows me to relieve my stress and switch my mind between orders to improve productivity. It also brings me endless imagination. I love it, and so do my clients, haha.

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